Church Council

The Elders’ or Leaders’ Meeting (the council within a congregation or group of congregations) consists of the minister and those who are called to share with the minister in oversight. It is responsible for building up the congregation in faith and love, sustaining its members in hope, and leading them into a fuller participation in Christ’s mission in the world.

(Basis of Union)


The Church Council meets quarterly (and as needed) and is responsible for:

  • The custodianship of the QUC Vision
  • Determining overall policies and substantive procedures
  • Ensuring compliance with all Uniting Church and Statutory requirements
  • Maintaining relationships with the other councils of the Uniting Church, e.g. Presbytery
  • The oversight of all Church Council Teams (see below), including determination of Team membership


After a lengthy process of research and discernment, the Church Council has established four teams to help it empower the day-to-day activities of the congregation and its ministry groups as we live out the Church’s vision of The Whole of Creation Reconciled and Renewed.
The four teams are:

  • Vision Team
  • Discipleship Development Team
  • Ministry Development Team
  • Resources Team

An overview of the role of each team is available here.

Current Members

Ian Robinson

Ian Gray

I love the people of QUC....

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