Safe Shelter – Queanbeyan

QUC has a long history of responding to needs within the Queanbeyan community and region. QUC relationship/partnership with St Benedict’s Community Day Centre is part of our ongoing commitment to such needs – especially among the hungry, homeless and those experiencing issues with mental health.

It became apparent to us that the need of the homeless is significant in our region, following on from work done by Safe Shelter – ACT, and in partnership with them and St Benedict’s we have been working on a proposed ‘Safe Shelter – Queanbeyan’. Much work has been done in putting a proposal together – currently before the Queanbeyan City Council.

(proposed) Safe Shelter – Queanbeyan

Utilising trained voluntary hosts (2 per night) and part of the older hall spaces adjacent to the main Church building, we’ll provide overnight emergency shelter for homeless people for up to three (3) nights per week (first year – only 1 night a week).  By doing this, guests immediate housing needs are resolved, allowing them the time, space and support to organise other issues at hand including the need for longer term accommodation. The Safe Shelter Queanbeyan will only host guests referred by St Benedict’s Community Day Centre.

If we are successful in the proposal before QCC, we’ll be looking for volunteers, conducting training sessions and finalising all the appropriate documentation (guidelines, policies and procedures). If you are interested in being part of our volunteer pool – please contact us.

If you are looking for shelter, please first contact St Benedict’s Community Day Care,
we will only admit guests to the shelter who have been referred to us by St Benedict’s staff.
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