Who are we?

We are a vibrant, dynamic and diverse church…

We come from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds; diverse theological understandings; diverse life stages and lifestyles; and diverse approaches to worship and service – but together we celebrate that ‘all are welcome’.

We are able to be such a diverse community because of respect and unity: respecting each other even though we may see things differently at times; respecting that not one of us has ‘all the answers’; respecting that we are each unique and valuable, made in the image of God.

Our unity is based on our desire to be the people of God, within our context and time; our unity is about caring for the holistic needs of all people; our unity is about seeking God’s justice (shown in the person of Jesus) in a hurting world; and our unity is about God’s vision for us as this part of the body of Christ.

With passion and vision…

We are passionate about God and discerning where God is already moving in our community and world. We support and encourage each other as we discover and live out our ‘God given’ passions. These passions lead us into a great variety of ministries as we seek to respond to God’s call.

Our passions have lead us to name a “small” vision – The Whole of Creation Reconciled and Renewed. Everything we do – from our jumble sale, to our youth ministry; from our worship to the stewardship of our buildings and finances – reflects this vision.

Seeking to make a difference in our day and time.

We have a 150+ yr history of serving the community of Queanbeyan and its surrounds. We will continue to examine the needs of the Queanbeyan region and respond in ways which reflect God’s proactive, unconditional and transforming love.

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