Queanbeyan Uniting is one of around 2,500 congregations of the Uniting Church in Australia, and is governed by its polity and policies.

The Uniting Church is organised not by a hierarchy, but by groups of women and men, lay and ordained, consulting together, usually making decisions by consensus, in each area of the church’s life.

The church is committed to being a series of inter-related councils — local churches, regional presbyteries, state synods, and the national Assembly. Each council has its distinct tasks, and each council recognises the limits of its responsibilities in relation to other councils. The Uniting Church acknowledges that Christ alone is supreme in his Church, and that he may speak to it through any of its councils. It is the task of every council to wait upon God’s Word, and to obey God’s will in the matters allocated to its oversight.

QUC Church Council

Church Council The Elders' or Leaders' Meeting (the council within ...
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Congregation Meeting

Congregation Meeting The Uniting Church affirms that it belongs to ...
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The Uniting Church in Australia

The Uniting Church in Australia The Uniting Church in Australia ...
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