Our Philosophy of Ministry and Mission

We believe:

Compassion is at the heart of God.

Jesus lived a life of love in action, showing us that God’s righteousness was compassion not judgement— compassion is at the heart of God.

God is Proactive.

Jesus was alert and responsive to the needs, fears and hopes of people he met along the way.

God is Accepting and Loves Unconditionally

Jesus accepted people as they were and, without regard for social or religious customs, placing no conditions on who could experience the abundance of God’s healing and hopeful presence.

God calls us to live with humility as Servants of God and others.

Jesus never looked to be placed on a pedestal, nor to be rewarded or honoured for what he did and who he was, but always pointed to God as the source of all life and hope.

God is experienced through Child-Like Faith.

Jesus lived with a deep sense that God’s grace was not limited, measured, balanced or even sensible but generous, unconstrained, extravagant, joyful and hopeful.

God Transforms, Delivers & Heals.

The result of Jesus acting in love and revealing the reign of God was that people were restored to their place in their communities – making them and their communities whole again.

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