Uniting – Healthy Living for Seniors

Queanbeyan Uniting Church partners with Uniting Ageing as they provide the Healthy Living for Seniors program in Queanbeyan.

What services are available?

Uniting Ageing offers a range of wellness programs for older people who live in the Queanbeyan and surrounding areas. The Healthy Living for Seniors approach is based on working with each person to understand the lifestyle they want and to provide information, care and support to improve health and wellbeing, enable social participation, and improve functional independence and quality of life.
Available services include:

  • Social activities and individual support to assist people to participate in community life.
  • ƒDay programs to assist people improve health, social engagement and independent living, meeting at the Queanbeyan Uniting Church.
  • ƒRespite care to assist Carers supporting an older person and people living with a disability to live in their home and community.
  • ƒIn-home support for people with high support needs who use a number of support services.

How can I get in touch?

Freecall number: 1800 486 484
Email: ask@uniting.org
Website: https://uniting.org/our-services/services/uniting-home-and-community/uniting-healthy-living-for-seniors-queanbeyan 
Some activities will be provided at the Uniting Church Queanbeyan, Cnr Rutledge and Crawford Streets, Queanbeyan, and other services in community locations.
Referral to connector services, including transport, can be arranged.

How can I volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer to help with delivery of the Healthy Living with Seniors program, you should get in contact with the program coordinator at the above contact details.

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