Discipleship in our time

In an age when Church is undergoing massive change our approaches to discipleship need to be reassessed. In previous years church attendance and participation in church activities was central in the lives of so many people. Sunday School was a common educational experience for everyone and much was assumed in terms of understanding the faith into which we lived.
Today, however, everything is far more fluid and immediate. Long term programs of education and discipleship are few and far between.Discipleship is not a once off event, its made up of a life formed by a growing faith, there is never a time when we are not on a learning/formation journey.
At QUC we recognise that discipleship happens as we: share our faith with each other; explore Scripture; discuss the issues we are facing in our lives; participate in worship; and take seriously the call to live our faith in every part of our lives, be it home, work, school, play etc.
At QUC we place great emphasis on living our faith in our daily lives. The activities of our church seek to compliment and equip us for this daily living of faith.
So we see that discipleship happens as we connect with each other – eg in such as bible studies and small groups. Discipleship also occurs as part of worship, in acts of service and advocacy and in informal ways such as casual conversations with other members or friends.
As well as Bible Study Groups and worship we also see discipleship happening at moments such as our Men’s Breakfast, Community Garden Group, Jumble Sale (and many other volunteer opportunities) and through our participation in St Benedict’s and our partnership with UnitingCare Aging Healthy Living for Seniors program. In other words – discipleship happens as we live our faith every day.
 Here at QUC we actively encourage and support peoples discipleship journey. The QUC Church Council has established a Discipleship Development Team whose role is to foster and encourage individual’s discipleship and to encourage individuals to discover with others ministries and roles that which best enable a full living-out of their discipleship.
The wider Uniting Church has been hard at work, seeking to understand discipleship in the 21st Century – Discipleship link and/or Growing Disciples

Spirituality through Life’s Stages.

Below please find some helpful thoughts around discipleship by Brian McLaren – please settle-in…

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