Children and Youth

QUC is a diverse community with a variety of people of all ages. At QUC we consider the inclusion of children, youth and their families to be particularly important – that is why we have a dedicated Youth and Community Worker.

We are guided by the principle of ministering ‘with’ children and youth, not just ‘to’ them. This means creating opportunities for children and youth to participate in our worship life and broader ministry to the community, as well as running dedicated programs.

Children primary school aged or below may enjoy connecting with Messy Church or our Sunday Morning Worship (which includes a dedicated children’s program (KUCA) during NSW School Term).

Youth (High School Aged) may enjoy connecting with our Sunday Evening service, or prefer to continue connecting with Sunday mornings.

In addition, we run the following age-specific programs:

Youth Ministry (Years 7-12):

Youth Group

Youth Group Every 2nd Friday, 7-9pm (during NSW Term) If ...
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Camps The Youth and Young Adults of QUC are encouraged ...
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Fire Belly

Fire Belly - Box-Fit “With strength of mind and strength ...
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We also have a number of Young Adults programs that our Youth may connect with as they turn 18.

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