Pastoral Care

We believe that in caring for one another, we not only are blessed and encouraged, we not only fulfil the call of the gospel, we believe that we meet the face of Christ, especially in the most needy. Caring for one another is an honour and privilege that we are all called to participate in. You are invited to be part of this caring community, and in doing so be both a giver and receiver of care.

If you or someone you know has a particular pastoral need, you are welcome to make a Pastoral Care Request – if you are asking on behalf of someone else, please ensure they are aware of this request.

For further information on how we approach pastoral care please follow the links – QUC Pastoral Care Policy and QUC Safe Behaviour Strategy

Caring in our Community – Nursing home and ‘shut-ins’ visiting

In our community the elderly and shut-ins are some of the most fragile and often lonely lives most in need of care. We are always looking for help in caring for those in need in our wider community. If this is something you feel you could help with, or you’d simply like more information, please complete one of our connection card and we’ll get back to you.

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