Messy Church – Queanbeyan

  • Messy Church is a fantastic, creative, fun, meaningful time of getting Messy together – we love it!!!!
  • It meets on the 1st Sunday each month (from Feb to Dec) starting at 4pm and going till 6pm.
  • we do not take up an offering, we simply ask for a gold coin donation.

Messy Church is an all-age service that involves imaginative story-telling, a creative response and generous hospitality. Messy church runs once a month on a day and at a time that can suit people of many ages and walks of life, it runs something like this:

  • A relaxed welcome time with drinks and snacks and games
  • A short celebration, usually with Bible story, song and prayer
  • An activity-based learning time, with Bible-themed crafts, games and other activities
  • A sit-down meal for everyone

Messy Church background – The first Messy Church began in 2004 in the UK, since then it has spread around the world. There is now over 2500 Messy Churches meeting, including us (2014). If you want to know more about the history of Messy Church you best go to – Messy Church UK



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