An All-Age celebration

9.30am each Sunday of the year we gather for worship –

We gather together:

  • to worship the God of Jesus;
  • to worship in a way that seeks to be inclusive, all-age, creative, multi-sensory, relevant, meaningful and respecting the diversity found within those who gather;
  • as a faith community, a community that seeks in our day and time to be disciples (followers) of Jesus – in his life, death, resurrection, ascension and ongoing presence through God’s Spirit;
  • as a a diverse group of people: different ages, different life stages and lifestyles, different theological leanings, different hopes and fears, different cultural or social backgrounds, different educational backgrounds, different passions, gifts, abilities – all come together in an act of Worship.


Please follow the link for our audio recordings (under construction).

Sunday KUCA (Kids of the Uniting Church)

  • Our KUCA program runs during the NSW school terms;
  • Worship starts with everyone together, about a third of the way into the worship time, age specific ministry commences – the children are invited to continue worship and learning through a separate KUCA program – typically using the same theme as the worship service.

Music Ministry

Music is a vital part of our worship, we are always looking for more people to get involved – click here to see the variety of options/possibilities .

Liturgical Dance

We also have a small but dedicated liturgical dance group – click here.


We celebrate Communion as part of the morning service on the 4th Sunday in each month. Communion is open to everyone, all are welcome at the table to share in the bread and cup (grape juice) – no matter what age, church membership/involvement, life situation – its a moment where we celebrate the generous and abundant love of God for ALL the world.

Play Room

We have a great parent/infant friendly space, where parents and infants can relax and still engage with the worship service. We never insist that parents and infants use this space however we do find that some parents feel less stressed when they think that their child is not ‘disturbing others’ (which is not something the congregation is actually worry about!). We also have child friendly tables and chairs toward the front of the worship space with colouring-in and basic activities available – a hands-on, creative way of connecting with worship.

Morning Tea

Following morning worship we all share morning tea – everyone is invited to be part of this important community time.


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